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The benefits of DoTERRA pure essential oils

For anyone who knows Molly, they know how much she hates to visit the vets (especially male vets!). She turns into a sprockerdile as soon as we get near and has to be muzzled well in advance of carrying her (reluctantly) through the door. She has been like this for the last 6 years since she joined us at 6 months old. Well, today was the annual visit. Instead of dressing in full body armour, we started the morning diffusing DoTERRA Essential oils before topically applying them in a carrier oil to her back, chest and Paws with a gentle massage. We walked to the vets and after a short pause and a sniff of the closed roller bottle, she bravely walked in (muzzle free). She surveyed the surroundings, willingly accepted treats from the vet nurse and sat calmly waiting her turn. We did muzzle her a few minutes before she was called but with no arguments. She sat on the vets table, had her jabs and took it in her stride. She only reacted to the nasal spray (not surprisingly- so would I) but soon relaxed and had the muzzle removed before we left. This is the calmest and bravest she has ever been and testament to the fact that @doterraeurope pure essential oils have had a huge positive impact on her life and wellbeing. Thank you @whopawswins and @thehealthfuldoctor for starting us on our DoTERRA journey. If you would like to find out more please contact me or take a look at to see how oils can support you, your family, friends and dogs 🐾❤️

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